Rupa Security

Rupa, also known as Rūpa, is a fundamental Buddhist concept that refers to the physical form or materiality of sentient beings and the world. In the context of computing, Rupa serves as the core of Sunyata, an incredibly minimalistic microkernel that consists of a kernel and a small set of userspace services, drivers, and libraries required for essential system functions.

Rupa fully isolates processes by default, and then must it explicitly grant capabilities and resources. Sunyata passes the capabilities and resources by handles rather than by name, which leads to a system that only grants sofware access to what it needs.

Sunyata is built without ambient authority, which means that every operation is scoped to an object capability. Unlike other operating systems, Sunyata does not have a global file system. Instead, each program is granted its own local namespace in which it can operate independently.

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