Enso, a preview.

Enso is an innovative operating system that has been refined to address the mistakes and issues that have plagued consumer operating systems over the past several decades.

Enso is an operating system to disrupt the market, we have redesigned the operating system in a human-centric way. Enso features an interface which is minimal, intuitive, and doesn't get in your way. Artificial intelligence is built into the system, readily available to answer your most complex questions. Alongside this, Enso is one of the most private consumer operating systems to be released - Enso does not feature any form of telemetry, data collection, user analytics, advertisements, or bloatware.

Enso is as open-sourced as possible, we believe that open-sourcing software not only increases transparency and privacy, but overall security and quicker resolution of vulnerabilities.

Enso is built on top of an incredible framework, Sunyata, an operating system by Nevuqe written in Rust. Sunyata features a set of security measures such as process isolation, application signing, write once read forever applications, and a full set of hardware drivers ready for modern hardware. You can learn more about Sunyata on the Developer Portal, or on the Research Index.